Education for Life

Jun 21, 2023

My name is Abby Schuman, and I am incredibly excited to intern with the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger (NFESH) this summer. I am a rising senior at the University of Wisconsin, majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. This internship provides an excellent opportunity for me to explore the subjects of nutrition and aging, both of which are important to me. These were topics that were unfamiliar to me not too long ago, but through my experiences at NFESH, I have developed a passion for them. One of the valuable lessons I have learned as I continue to study aging is about education. This internship has highlighted the importance of continuous education and learning, regardless of one’s stage in life.

NFESH has developed an exceptional online platform called the Senior Center(ed) Community College (SCCC), which offers a wide range of classes for individuals working with senior citizens. These courses cover various topics, including nutrition and finance. The SCCC programs empower people of all ages to pursue ongoing education and stay informed about relevant societal changes and health concerns. The SCCC platform helps equip those working with the elderly by providing knowledge to catalyze their efforts.

When I first discovered the SCCC, I was amazed to learn that some of the classes were created and prepared by students at Syracuse University, who were enrolled in a nutritional science course. This inclusive and collaborative approach demonstrates the comprehensive nature of education. It offers an avenue for students, professionals working with the elderly, and the elderly themselves to continue growing. As college students, like myself, create and design coursework for senior center workers, we recognize the significance of our education, which knows no bounds. The SCCC serves as an outstanding example of how education can be a mutually beneficial process, inspiring everyone involved to learn and grow.

Education is limitless, and it only improves with age. During my internship so far, I have developed a deep appreciation for the importance of lifelong learning. As I continue my internship, I eagerly look forward to expanding my own education, sharing insights through blog posts like this one, and potentially creating my own class for the SCCC. I know that education will continue to play a significant role in my life, and I’m excited to embrace this lifelong journey of learning.

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