National Foundation to End Senior Hunger

I am somebody. You are somebody. When we work together, we can care about somebody else. Maya Angelou said: “If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.” And that’s what we are all about – working with all the wonderful somebodies throughout this country who care about the health and wellbeing of our seniors and are succeeding – together.

We live in a land of plenty. We live in a land blessed with an abundance of nutritious food. But, we also live in a land where there is poverty and hunger and limited access to that bounty of food. We live in a land where we throw away almost 40% of the food we have and yet millions of seniors wonder whether they will be able to count on eating tomorrow.

Somebody can change all that. Somebody can say we can do better than this. Somebody can find it in his or her heart to care for somebody else. We know who that somebody is. In fact, we’ve been working with those somebodies for quite some time. These are the somebodies who are reaching for solutions beyond just offering a meal. These are the somebodies who are taking a different view of ending senior hunger and finding new ways to enrich the lives of seniors. These are the somebodies who have succeeded and continue to change the lives of those they reach every, single day.

You are that somebody. Come work with us and let’s all succeed together. For the complete list of our “somebodies,” please click here. Let’s add your name to the list.

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