Board of Directors

Kathy Wilson-Gold, MS, RDN, LD, FAND, Chair

National Account Manager,  SugarCreek

Past Chair, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

“Hunger and food insecurity are serious threats facing millions of senior adults in America.  These individuals are the hands and feet who built our great country. They need our help.   Access to nutritious, wholesome food is critical to maintaining the health and wellbeing of this generation.  We won’t stop until “no senior goes hungry”.

Howard Hogan, JD, Secretary Treasurer

Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

“Those of us who benefit from this country’s blessings owe it to those who came before us to make sure that they do not go hungry.”

Jeff Leventhal, CIMA, CEPA

Managing Director, Partner, HighTower Advisors

“With all of the prosperity in this country no one in the golden age of their life should go hungry. Once we understand the why, we can then put the resources in place to solve senior hunger. In joining NFESH I hope to be able to fix this critical issue across the entire country.”

John M. Thompson, Ph.D., CPM, FAAMA, FACHCA

Acting County Administrator, Richland County (SC)

“As a government leader, it is appalling to see the number of seniors who struggle with paying for food, prescription drugs, and other expenses. Often times, I observe seniors who go without nutritious food to support their drug regimen. This issue has huge implications for the seniors’ quality of life and to health care costs. As a board member, I look forward to working with the executive team to tackle this devastating issue in America.”

Camile Williams, MPH, FACHCA, ADC, CAPS

Government Affairs Director/Lobbyist, AARP

“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members. With that, as leaders and public servants, status quo and business as usual is no longer sufficient. If we can’t ensure those that are most vulnerable are receiving the services they need, then its time to re-evaluate our standards and how we measure them. As an aging enthusiast, it is unthinkable that hunger is still a public health crisis in this country among some of our most precious citizens who have pathed the way for us all. Food waste is plentiful every day, we just have to be thoughtful and creative about how we can get food in the hands of the right people. As you can see, this doesn’t necessarily require more resources, just a retooling of how we run and deliver our food service programs. This is the challenge for those of us who are in the health and human services space in helping to end senior hunger.”

C. Walker (Chip) Ingraham, JD

Partner, Seyfarth Shaw

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Jason Cohen, JD

Partner, Barton LLP

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